Magic Mesh - Magnetic Screen Door

Magic Mesh - Magnetic Screen Door

$66.90 Sale price

Is your home pestered by pesky insects? Don’t be pissed off anymore as Magic Mesh is here to solve your problem.

Magic Mesh Screen Door (Black) offers an innovative solution to keep those annoying insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, from entering your house while letting in the fresh, cool outside breeze. It’s easy to install because you’re not going to need any tools to set this up, just pin this up at the surface and you’re done. It has magnets that automatically snap it close behind you so flies and mosquitoes don't stand a chance.

 Made with polyester, you are guaranteed that it’s durable, lightweight, and is easily washed and dried. Plus, its magnets also automatically snap it close so insects don’t stand a chance.

 Unlike a regular screen door, Magic Mesh Screen Door (Black) is removable and stackable, so you can transfer it to other doors and even attach it to your tents or RVs when going on camping and trips.

 Get rid yourself and your love-ones off the disturbing insects that can ruin your quality time. For improving your home and preparing for your next adventure, PickMePH offers a wide array of items that you’ll surely need.