Liquid Lawn System - From Seed to Sod!

Liquid Lawn System - From Seed to Sod!

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Hate seeing dry patches, dog spots, high traffic areas, and shades on your lawn? But you’re still doing the traditional way of seeding and the only thing growing is a weed. What a waste of money and time!

Forget the old-fashioned way. Now you can have a beautiful and greener lawn with the Liquid Lawn System. It’s the revolutionary way of hydroseeding with spray and stays technology. Simply attach the Liquid Lawn System to any garden hose and turn the dial to seed and start spraying. No guesswork to do, the Liquid Lawn system shows you exactly where you’re planting.


  • From seed to sod--Liquid Lawn System gives a professional result at a fraction of the cost!
  • Spray and Stay Technology--The grass grows where you sprayed it.
  • Easy and very convenient to use--Just attach the specially designed Liquid Lawn System nozzle to your garden hose and turn the dial to seed.
  • No more guesswork--It shows you exactly where you’re planting.
  • Perfect for dry patches, dog spots, high traffic areas and frustrating shady sections

    The Liquid Lawn System contains an eco-friendly sticking solution that attaches the seeds to the soil, conditions and loosens it to absorb water resulting in a terrific looking lawn.

    Bring your lawn back to life. Get your own Liquid Lawn System now!