Electric Facial Hair Remover

Electric Facial Hair Remover

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  • Use pure cotton thread, the cotton is easy to install, more secure and safe to use.
  • Painless hair removal, without any chemical drugs, wax or knife used, no irritation to your skin.
  • Use physical pull face device to remove your facial hair, a safe and fast way to remove facial hair, keep away from irritation and allergies.
  • Can pulled out the fine hair of your face, clean the skin cuticle, make your skin delicate and smooth.


  • Plug-in design.
  • Strong toughness.
  • Durable&non-slip.
  • Convenient to operate.


  • Material:ABS;
  • Size: 190mmx72mm;
  • Power: 12W, 500mA;
  • Input power: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz.

How to use:

  • Clean your skin first.
  • In order to protect your skin, please use the powder first before you use the epilator.
  • Place the cotton thread on skin and move gently against the direction of growing hair.
  • It's normal if the cotton thread is broken while you are using it, please replace the cotton thread and you can use it again.


  • 1x Charger;
  • 1x Pull face device;
  • 1x Box of powder;
  • 1x Special cotton bundle and a manual.


  • Please install the thread loose in order to ensure the machine has enough space to run.
  • To avoid malfunction, don't get close to hair, eyelashes, metal strings, etc.
  • Can only be used for facial hair removal, please don't use it to remove the arm, legs, armpit or other parts of the body hair.
  • When plucking there will be a little pain, we have used the latest technology to reduce the pain to the minimum. Please pluck after bath because the pores has been opened and it will be easier for removal and reducing pain.