EasyPump Ultimate Liquid Pump

EasyPump Ultimate Liquid Pump

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If you hate spilling gas all over while fueling the tank, we've got good news!

It's tough. A seemingly simple task to move liquid from one container to another could easily turn into a nightmare. Imagine: it's winter, freezing cold outside, you're in the cabin and your generator is about to run out of fuel. Ugh. 

You put your gloves on, a jacket, warm shoes and go there to fill it up from the canister. Now, when you're about to start pouring it goes the wrong way. It spills all around: your hands, your jacket, gas is on the ground. In fact, it is everywhere but the generator's tank. Oh, such a bummer! Sounds familiar?

If you think summer is better - it is actually not. High chances of catching a fire make this a risky game.

Fortunately, an easy solution to this nasty problem exists. EasyPump™  compact cordless pump is designed to help people to move liquids around quickly and safely. It's carbon brushed motor is capable of pumping over 1 gallon in just 20 seconds! 

It has a body made of tough, industrial grade, non-static ABS plastic. This allows the pump to deal with highly aggressive liquids like gasoline or diesel.

Just flip the switch and it will start working making this silent tr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r sound pumping gallons of gas, water, oil or whatever you put it in (it's not really picky).

In fact, it is so powerful that some of our customers use it to dry up an entire hot tub! (we were amazed when they told us!)

Don't you want to make the fueling process easy? 

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Item Weight: 0.5kg
Item Width: 7cm
Item Length: 68cm