Eargo™ Smart Earwax Cleaner

Eargo™ Smart Earwax Cleaner

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Traditional cotton swabs can be dangerous to use when removing earwax. The swab can cause pain or push wax
deeper into your ear. So we recommend this Ear Cleaner Swab, safer than cotton swabs.

1. Twist the handle, the soft and flexible tip with spiral grooves can remove earwax.
2. Disposable tips are easy to discard. Simple to throw away the used tip.
3. Total 16 flexible and silicone soft tips, good for family use.
4. Effectively to remove ear wax, give your ear a better message.
5. Easy and convenient to use.

How to Use
Step1: Load the tip onto the handle, line up slots on tip and press down firmly to lock together.
Step2: Hold the handle, carefully and gently insert the tip into the ear. Do not force tip too far into the ear canal.
Step3: Twist in direction of the arrow on the handle to collect earwax. Do not twist in the other direction.
Step4: Remove the tip from the ear, press on both sides of the tip and push forward until it is released.
Step5: Eject tip into waste container and store handle back to the case when not use. 

To avoid injury, do not use when moving. Should not be used on children under 12 and individuals with ear tubes.

1 * Ear Swab Handle
16 * Soft Tips

1. Do not use if feel pain, uncomfortable, hearing loss or bleeding.
2. Do not reuse or wash sprial tips.
3. Do not poke, jab or force ear swab into your ear.
4. Impact earwax should be removed by a healthcare professional.
5. Turn the only in the direction indicated by the handle or serious injury may result

Tips: Please read all instructions before use
Please note the arrows on the handle. These arrows indicate the direction where the handle should be turned, it should not
be spun in the opposite direction or twist back and forth. If the handle is used improperly it could cause serious injury.