Brow Tattoo Tint Gel

Brow Tattoo Tint Gel

Brow Tattoo Tint Gel

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Achieve An Instant Eyebrows that Stays On Fleek With This Brow Tattoo Tint Gel!

Achieving the perfect eyebrows are very time consuming, but not anymore with this Brow Tattoo Tint Gel! You can now have professional-quality arched eyebrows within minutes! 

These Brow Tint Kits let you easily sculpt the perfect brows you want. It literally takes a few minutes, max, for results that will last for up to a week!


Long-Lasting  Intensified coloration so brows will last for up to a week! Plus,

✨ Perfect Eyebrows - It has a precision tip for easy sculpting and application. Smudge-proof, skin-friendly gel formula that peels off easily feels!

✨ Natural and Elegant Brow Color - You can get an elegant and natural brow color by selecting the shade that matches your hair. The tinted color will naturally come back to your original brow color over time.


  1. Apply product liberally and evenly onto clean skin.
  2. Create your desired brow shape and clean up any excess product.
  3. Let it dry and sit for two hours for brows that stay up to seven days.
  4. Remove by gently peeling off from one end.

Fill in sparse, thin, or gaps in your eyebrows with results that last for days!